The List: Draft 1

bookshelf straight 2

It’s been a while since I had time to sit and write, but I have been thinking a lot about this project. I’ll be honest and say that I haven’t worked out the finer details. Or, to be even more honest, many of the coarser details. I feel that assigning a topic a month could work, but I’m also tempted to try as many things as I can at once because sometimes it’s possible. In the meantime, I’ve got a bit of a more defined list from the last post, but I think there will be constant revisions when I realise I have left something obvious off the list or that something doesn’t really make sense.

The Adult Me:

  1. Has delightful living conditions

– Find a new flat
– Make a new flat nice
– Cull a huge chunk of my possessions

  1. Has organised finances

– Make a budget
– Find out about pensions
– Work out how save for trips
– Think about how to spend my money in the long term

  1. Is a fabulous friend

– Make more phone calls
– Make more trips
– Send more mail
– Be in touch for the little things

  1. Is a great hostess

– Have people over
– Learn about drinks
– Work out how to put people at their ease

  1. Is decidedly relaxed

– Meditate effectively for me
– Exercise
– Work on better sleep habits
– Colouring in
– Comfort read
– Work out why I’m nervous and stop it

  1. Is confident in the kitchen

– Cook new things
– Make dinner for people
– Have people over for drinks and snacks

  1. Has a good husband

– Investigate online dating
– Work out what my deal breakers are
– Work out how deal with conflict

  1. Is brave (braver)

– Go places
– Learn how to read a map
– Go to places with new people
– Advocate for myself

  1. Is respectful of her skin

– Learn to stop picking!
– Put on handcream every day
– Moisturize every day
– Drink water every day
– Develop at least one new hairstyle

  1. Has a career plan

– Work out what I like to do and am good at in a career sense
– Think about what I would like to do
– See if I can work out how to do it
– Look into career advisers and mentors

  1. Knows about art and culture

– Go to art galleries to find art I like
– Go to museums and learn more about history
– Go to one exhibition a month
– Listen to new music (classical)
– Find out if I like opera

  1. Finishes projects

– Make a list of all the projects I’ve started
– Work out the barriers to completing them
– Complete them!


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