Adulting: January Roundup.

It’s not January. It’s nearly March. I should have done this already. But I’m doing it now. For the first month, I don’t think it’s too bad.

Good Adulting

Delightful living conditions
January saw me ticking things off the list in the new flat. I got a new shower curtain for the bathroom so the old plasticky one with scary pink mould would stop adhering to my body. Having bare walls in my room frustrated me, and I put up actual picture frames with pictures in them! These pictures are mainly pages cut out of Vogue, but let’s be real here, those are proper works of art. The fact that they’re magazine paper is what makes them less. I also organised the hall way dresser with little baskets so the contents are neat, rather than a jumbled mass of MISC. These things made me feel better.

Fabulous friend
For someone anti-social, I went to a lot of parties this month. Firstly a leaving party for Fee, my friend who moved to Germany, where I talked to strangers and, briefly, to people I knew in a different life. On the downside, a woman there did think I was someone else and I didn’t correct her. This went on a little too long and was then embarrassing for all involved when Fee pointed it out.
The second party was in Worthing, where I knew only the hostess, and went despite being nervous, it being three trains away and the middle of winter. I did okay. I also went to an engagement party despite not really feeling like celebrating someone else’s happiness. Luckily manners kicked in and I behaved like a decent human being.
Additionally, I am making a point to text my new-mum friends and say hi on a more regular basis.

Great hostess
Scraping the barrel this month, but the friend who I accompanied to the engagement party stayed at my place and I remembered to buy breakfast on the way home. I’m counting this, even though I could have given her milkless tea and a biscuit and she would have been fine with it. We go way back.

Confident in the kitchen
In an effort to make a new dish every month and to make sure I get more fish in my diet, I “cooked” some kippers. I felt spectacularly English doing this. Also, kippers are great! I didn’t really know what to do with them once I’d boiled them in the bag (as instructed by M&S), so put them on some buttered tiger bread. The next time I served some vegetables with them. Or near them, at least.

Good husband
In an effort to Get On With It Already, I joined For many reasons, there will be an in-depth post later. Additionally, I texted some boys. Neither action resulted in a husband.

Brave (braver)
The bravest thing was booking flights to Canada to see my sister in May. International travel makes me nervous, booking flights makes me nervous and spending large chunks of money makes me a wreck. But I did it. The next was going to Worthing for this party. I went on my own, in the dark, on three trains and had to use various maps. I did not die!
The final thing was dealing with a work issue. For obvious reasons, I won’t get into the details, but we have a difficult colleague who is stretching our patience. The management style in our place is “if we ignore it, maybe it will go away. If it doesn’t, let’s talk about it to everyone but the person causing the problem and maybe osmosis will fix it.” This has bothered me for a long time, but the camel’s back broke when it affected my trainee. Essentially I had an awkward conversation and explained that this person needs to do her actual work and make fewer mistakes. This was not a conversation I wanted to have (or should have had to have had!), but no one else was going to do it. It went well and seems to have cleared up a lot of issues.

Respectful towards my skin
I think I’m going to change this to “healthy mind and body” because I’m getting older and need to look after myself now and I’m just not doing well with the skin element. On the plus side, I did make an optician’s appointment, where I have been informed that my eyes are very dry and that I am getting older. My eyesight is becoming less short-sighted, which is good, but is an ageing marker. So, swings and roundabouts there. To combat the desert eyes, I have started taking fish oil supplements and throwing seeds into my granola in the morning. On the skin front, I have been religiously using handcream and cuticle cream every morning and evening.
Also, I made a smear test appointment and went. Once every three years is no big deal and it’s important to just GO. I will put them off because the idea makes me feel uncomfortable, but when I’m there, it’s fine. I talk too much, ask too many questions and never really know when to stop, but no one dies. That’s done for another three years. Hurrah.

Art and culture
I got out and about in January! I went to the cinema twice (Star Wars, which I loved with my whole heart and was amazed that I managed to avoid all spoilers, and Bridge Of Spies, which was perfect to me because I think Tom Hanks is great and I love anything about the Cold War).
My mother was supposed to come and visit, but became ill and stayed in Ireland. She had wanted to see the Celts exhibition at the British Museum, so I had a ticket for it. Ordinarily not my type of history, but I went anyway. It focused mainly on French and Scottish Celts and made me oddly homesick for my own culture.

Bad Adulting:

Organised finances
Yeah, no. I spent a fortune and tried not to think about my bank balance. On the upside, I did book my Canada flights on sale and booked my Easter flights, so as to spend less than if I left it til later.

Decidedly relaxed
This didn’t happen. I didn’t get enough sleep, I did a minimum of exercise until I became disheartened, I didn’t even do any colouring in.

Career plan

Finishes projects
I started to finish up a scrapbook and then ran out of pages. Then couldn’t find more scrapbooks. Fail.


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