Adulting: April Roundup

April finished with some crazy weather – much more than April showers. Let’s take the temperature of my success levels this month…

Good adulting

Delightful living conditions
There are two vacuums in the flat. One is my Vaxx (small, light, short cable, flips upside down all the time) and the other is the Dyson (huge, heavy, far too many buttons and in no way intuitive). In April, I worked out (shout out to Youtube, obviously) how to manoeuvre the beast and give everything a good clean. I also emptied the canisters of both vacuums like a BOSS.

On a separate note, my hair is very long and getting a bit hairbleweedy. Emptying a hair-filled vacuum is horrendous.

Fabulous friend
This month I have tried to be a bit more active with messaging and emailing friends abroad. I’ve been very lucky that some of my gorgeous friends who live in very different timezones have been able to schedule in a phone call (or whatsapp/facebook call. Skyping seems so old fashioned now!).

This month I was in Berlin for work and my brother, who lives there, was unable to meet me for dinner, so I made a bit of an effort to navigate the U-Bahn to see a former trainee of mine and to meet her partner and baby. It was more than worth it. We had such a lovely evening and it was so great to see her as an independent adult and an excellent mum to one of the cutest babies I’ve ever had the good fortune to meet. Adorable! You’re not really supposed to have favourites at work, but I do and she’d one of them. It makes my heart warm to see her do so well and be happy.

Finally, the last Good Friend thing I managed to do was offer to look after a friend and her family when she and one of the kids had the lurgy. To be honest, I just made a veg-filled pasta sauce and brought a Sainsbury’s dessert, so it was the least I could do.

Good husband
Still not married, which is to be expected. Although I did have a gratifying conversation with a very married friend of mine who told me that he expects I will get married eventually as I am “not facially inept” and there are others who are married despite being less so. /In the middle of a rainstorm this made me laugh out loud in the street.

On the positive side, I did decide on the remaining Tinder dates. I was eventually able to let go of a chap who was lovely, but thought he could persuade me to being attracted to him and I decided that the other chap, who does like me but isn’t great at being actively interested in me, wasn’t for me.

Part of the experience is discovering what you want and what you don’t. I am confirming that I still want someone who wants to know about me and that I still do have to be physically attracted to someone to want to be with them. But the up-side is that I’m not still going out with either of these chaps out of a sense of obligation or ah-well-ness.

Brave (braver)
Travelling through Berlin, despite speaking the language, took a good bit of courage. Two lines and some map reading and I managed it. The direction function on Google maps is a godsend.

This month I have also stood my ground at work on a number of occasions, when I could have let it go. I managed to not overly apologise either.

Also, on an internet note, I have mentioned this blog to a handful of people. It feels quite odd to say “I don’t function as an adult, so much so that I’m writing about it” and then know what to say after that.

Healthy Mind & Body
I’m now finished with the dentist for the normal six months. Hurrah! I have no money left, so that’s good. Once I got over myself and calmed down a little, I realise that lying back with the hands of two people and a bunch of tools in my mouth was actually quite relaxing. For twenty minutes I didn’t need to be “on” – my only job was to breathe in and out and not talk. If it weren’t for the various whirring noises and requests to “tap tap”, I could have easily fallen asleep.

The dentist has me afraid of sugar. Or of sugar-provoked acid, at least. I’ve scaled back (in an entirely unmeasurable way) the amount of sugar I have eaten this month. I’ve definitely snacked less and had fruit FOR pudding instead of a precursor to pudding.

Art and culture
This month my mum came to visit and so we scheduled a number of things (busy people can’t argue, is surely the thinking here). Mum is a fabric fiend, so we went to Walthamstow fabric market, a part of town I had never been to, and went into at least ten tiny fabric stores jam packed with colours and textures and sparkles. Obviously we talked to everyone and spent a small fortune on fabric and ribbon.

We also traipsed out to Kew Gardens, which were new to me, despite having lived in Richmond for a year. Shame on me. Unsurprisingly, it was a delight and I am definitely planning on a picnic for the summer. I remembered how much I love cacti, that I’m not fussed about orchids, that flowers that smell are delightful and that badgers and moles still feel very exciting to someone who grew up in the city.

This was a good month for comedy. For someone who is too nervous too often, I sure do book a lot of single tickets for things. First up was Book of Mormon, which was hilarious and catchy and I understand the hype. Second up was a spontaneous ticket to see Rob Beckett at the Leicester Square Theatre. I ended up in the front row and was lucky not to be involved in the audience participation section. This was an evening that was good for my soul. I laughed so hard, everything hurt afterward.

Also, as an aside, Rob Beckett is an absolute sweetheart and shook hands with everyone as they left the theatre outside before taking selfies with anyone who wanted them. What a gent.

Finally, I got a good bit of reading done this month. Wimbledon library had a good stash.

Decidedly relaxed
The last week of April was deliberately blocked out of socialising because I had so much to do at work and knew I was going to be exhausted after travelling, tour guiding my mother and hanging out with nine year old boys. This was very good for me. I busted out some good pajamas and ate even more vegetables and tried to get some sleep. The lack of migraine proved this to be a smart set of moves.

Not such great adulting:

Confident in the kitchen
I’m actually surprised that I have nothing new to report in this category, because I feel that I spend at least 85% of my time shopping for celery and other vegetables, chopping celery or eating celery. Somehow I have  done nothing new at all.

Great hostess
I did some thinking, but not a single pick of doing. Shame on me.

Career plan
No comment.

Finishes projects
Sure didn’t I buy ribbon for another project I haven’t even got time for?


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