Old Mother Hubbard

Audrey At HomeFollowing on from the previous kitchen post, this time I’m going to cover what I have in my store cupboard. This is always covered in the front of recipe books and I’d be interested to know if any non-foodie types actually have the same items in stock.

As an aside, I find the term “foodie” vexing and I can’t quite put my finger on it. In my experience, it tends to be used by very middle class people who have the opportunity to eat out a lot but don’t actually cook very often and, when they do, they use a lot of ingredients and spend a lot of time telling you about them. Foodies I have known seem to want to tell the world that they take food a lot more and “respect” food and its provenance much more than normal non-foodie people and imply that they are somehow BETTER than people who eat mash&sausages or beans on toast without calling them “a guilty pleasure” and enjoy it. I’m being unfair and obviously not all people who identify as foodies are like this.

ANYWAY, I’m not a foodie. I do not have sumac or cold pressed avocado oil in my cupboard. I like food and I like cooking things that are easy and quick. I’m the first person to admit I’m not a great cook.

Generally, my cooking is tomato-based with some sort of carbohydrate, or potato-based with who cares. I sneak vegetables into things as though I am trying to trick a small child. Frozen spinach thickens up a tomato sauce quite nicely, petit pois lighten everything. If you chop celery small enough, you don’t hate it so much.

I buy fresh groceries at least twice weekly (bread, vegetables, meats) so as to actually make a variety of meals, but if there was an apocalypse or snow storm, I could live off my cupboards quite happily for a week, I reckon.

By the hob:
– Salt
– Olive oil
– Vegetable oil
– Dried mixed herbs
– Garlic granules
– Crushed chillies
– Smoked chilli powder
– Dried oregano
– Dried basil
– Vegetable stock cubes
– Red tub Bisto
– Cinnamon (I never ever remember how to spell that)

In the fridge:
– Sun-dried tomatoes in oil
– Sliced cheese of some sort
– Eggs (free range, medium)
– Full-fat Greek style yoghurt
– Jam of some kind
– Tomato puree
– Tomato ketchup
– Sweet chilli sauce
– Soy sauce
– Lemon juice
– A pesto

In the vegetable drawer:
– An abandoned red onion with his friend the Garlic bulb
– Salad potatoes
– Proper potatoes
– Sweet potatoes
– Root ginger

In the freezer:
– Petit pois
– Spinach
– Sweetcorn
– Raspberries
– Emergency sandwich thins
– Emergency giant crumpets
– Salmon fillets
– Prawns
– Sliced loaf (either pan or bakery)
– Emergency tub of Ben&Jerry’s (ideally Phish food, but Cookie Dough is also acceptable)
– Bag of grated cheese
– Two blocks of butter (family tradition)
– Bag of frozen lemon and lime slices
– Bag of ice cubes
– Emergency cheese sauce
– Rosemary

In the pantry cupboard:
– Macaroni
– Gnocci
– Pasta shapes
– Ignored wholewheat pasta shapes
– Dried noodles
– Cartons of passata
– Dried mushrooms
– Emergency chicken Supernoodles
– Tins of sardines in tomato sauce
– White rice
– Jasmine Rice
– Tins of baked beans
– Tins of chickpeas, butter beans, kidney beans
– Chorizo

– Plain and SR flour
– Golden caster sugar
– Cocoa powder
– Honey
– Jar of preserved ginger
– Tin of pineapple rings
– Jar of Maraschino cherries
– Plain rice cakes (although a recent study has shown these to be carcinogenic, so I might quit these. they taste like polystyrene, so it’s no great loss)
– Peanut butter, crunchy
– Nutella
– Couple of bars of dark chocolate for baking
– Teas, instant & ground coffee


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