In which I am busy, rather than bored

Good gracious. I certainly fell off the blogging wagon there. Essentially life has become somewhat busy of late leaving very little room for introspection.

I do have a number of posts lined up in my head (aside from the standard monthly round-ups), but I am slightly nervous about committing them to electronic paper. One is about body image, and I want to be respectful, and the other is about Love, and I’m not sure what I want to say there. Once something is out there in the world, it is quite hard to return the genie to the bottle and he can cause a lot of unintended mischief. I would like to avoid that.

While I’ve imposed a shopping ban on myself for the good of my finances, I have been inhaling the free offerings from the library. The library has seen my face at least twice a week as I gather armfuls of books, gorging on things that don’t cost money. Unusually for me I have mostly been borrowing non-fiction books and collecting as much second hand knowledge as I can. The titles have been cringe-worthy and seem to all include the words SMART or SAVVY or BETTER or some other improving words. Cook books, city guides, relationship advice, financial planning, feminism and and and…

I have marked the pages with things I want to remember and photocopied them. I now have a box file full of notes. I want to go through them all, savour them and let the knowledge sift down into my subconscious and then incorporate it into posts – referencing as I go, which will make a huge change from university when I had a much more slapdash approach – but I feel that the perfect would be the enemy of the good in that case. Perhaps I should just get stuck into it now.


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