About Slower Than Average

I’m 32. The Government recognises me as an adult and allows me to vote. The supermarkets recognise me as an adult and allow me to buy alcohol. The airlines recognise me as an adult and allow me to fly unchaperoned. The bank recognises me as an adult and allows me to have a credit card.

I’m developing “fine lines and wrinkles” around my eyes and my sparse silver hairs are catching the light.

And yet.

I don’t feel like an adult. I have no husband, no mortgage, no children, no car, no career. Those markers of adulthood seem very far away. Perhaps I’ll never have those, but who I am now is not who I thought I would be at 32 years of age.

When I was learning to drive (just shy of my 30th birthday), I asked my driving instructor how I compared with his other students. “Slower than average. Watch that kerb” was his response.

It occurred to me that I’ve been playing catch up my whole life. I’m always a bit slow to catch on.  I’ve not been watching out for the kerb enough.

This self-indulgent blog is an attempt to work out how to collect the skills I think a grown woman should have and fashion myself into someone decent!

The post that started it all: An Adultier Adult

What else?

Originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland, I now live and work in London for a German company. I am blessed with wonderfully supportive, funny, clever friends with whom I trust my heart and soul. I drink instant coffee and scotch. My favourite films include The Women, When Harry Met Sally and Barefoot In The Park. My favourite music includes John Mayer, Radiohead and Beyonce. My imaginary celebrity best friends include Caitlin Moran, Sharon Horgan and Joanna Lumley.


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